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Equipping Students, Graduates & Young Professionals with the right skills and mindset to stand out and get hired!

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Hey, I'm Sav!


Let's backtrack to 2017 I was a confused Chemistry graduate.


Having little to no experience on how to write a CV / Cover letter or structure

articulate answers in order to smash interviews - I was getting nowhere

facing rejection after rejection.

After months of being rejected, I transformed my mindset and approach.


I created a LinkedIn profile and learned how to utilise it effectively so I could find the right recruiters that would help me. Speaking to different recruiters led me to understand recruitment and most importantly how to stand out and get hired.


This inspired me to want to work in recruitment to help others in my situation as I am passionate about helping candidates secure and pass interviews to help them get the job that they've always wanted!

Fast forward to 2022.


I have a Level 3 Certificate in Recruitment Practice and helped over 100+ apprentices, students, graduates, senior professionals secure their dream role.


I've learned the formula on how to create a stand-out ATS-compliant CV & cover letter, acing video/phone interviews, and negotiating salary/benefits.

Becareersavvy is a platform to provide you with advice and information within all areas of recruitment. I strive to help you attain a winning mindset and the tools to be career savvy. I absolutely love coaching, inspiring & empowering people in order for them to reach their maximum potential. 


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